Our school will be oficially a Bilingual School the next academic year 2016-2017 as it appears in the BOJA, 14th December 2015.

The implementation of the bilingual teaching in English will be gradual, starting with Pre-Primary (1º,2º y 3º), the first year of Primary Education and the first year of Secondary Education , and continuing with the following levels progressively.

In Infant School,this language will be learnt taking into account the interest areas, in Primary , Social Science and Natural Science will be taught at least  50% with the possibility of increasing this percentage along the year and in Secondary, Biology and Geology  and Visual Arts with same percentage as Primary

Our main objective to achieve a quality bilingual teaching is that our children are able to communicate in English.

Bilingual education can give young people a huge boost, preparing them for a future where they´ll work, study and live in an increasingly multilingual and integrated Europe.

Bilingualism Coordinator